Marine Life Protectors

Protect Paradise Seychelles - Wildlife Rehab Centre on Mahé


Hawksbill Ariel, July 2021

Hawksbill Yasha receiving spa treatment, May 2021

The wildlife rehab centre at Grande Anse, on Mahé's west coast, is the Seychelles' first and only rescue and rehab facility for sea turtles. It is the main reason why we partnered with the rehab centre in January 2022.
In 2021 they took in five different hawksbill sea turtles. One of them - named Yasha - was released after successful treatment and rehabilitation, and a flight to the outer Seychelles, in St. Joseph Atoll - far away from Mahé - on December 3rd, 2021.
Yasha's flight to the outer Seychelles and the release in St. Joseph were a collaboration of Save Our Seas Foundation, D’Arros Research Centre (SOSF-DRC), and the Protect Paradise Seychelles team.

Photo Credit: Dilly’s K’ Pouponeau @dillyseychelles_wanderer

Before her release, Yasha got fitted with an acoustic transmitter which potentially enables the D'Arros research team to follow her moves in St. Joseph atoll and D'Arros by locating her occasionally via acoustic receivers which were deployed in a larger number around D'Arros and St. Joseph over the last decade.

Latest update upon the hawksbill patients: Ariel (see left picture below the headline) might be ready for release soon!

Wildlife rehabilitation at Protect Paradise Seychelles is not limited to sea turtles!

Orphaned baby fruit bat (Seychelles flying fox)

Baby fruit bats that have lost their parents or were found abandoned are raised by hand, all kind of birds - including seabirds - are treated and rehabilitated when they need help, even tortoises had been patients at the rehab centre. And they are all released into freedom when the right time has come and they are able to survive on their own in the wild!

You can visit Protect Paradise Seychelles new website under this link: Protect Paradise Seychelles